The Company Overview

Experience on antidumping investigation


For more than 15 years, the team work, who integrates Arese & Asociados, is committed to make meticulous analyses in the different areas that involve the development of a company, especially focused on areas related to Foreign Trade and International Business.

Arese & Asociados is integrated by highly specialized consultants coordinated by Dr. Héctor Félix Arese, providing diverse services and products destined to satisfy the specific needs of each client.

Our organization -in constant growth and development- has becoming a company with increasing prestige on the Argentine market with international projection.

Areas of work

1. Customs Law and international commerce

2. Competition (antidumping, countervailing duty and safeguard investigations)

3. Development External Markets and Promotion of Exports

4. Interventions in Special Regimes (international commerce) for companies

Staff for analysis and defence in dumping cases

Our team is integrated by several professionals, who are assigned according the type of project to develop.
Short description about our team for this proposal

Héctor Félix Arese (Head)

He graduated as a lawyer in the National University of Córdoba (Argentine), also get a Ph.D. in "Legal Regimen of Foreing Trade" and Ph.D. in "International Operations" in the Foundation of Investigations and International Studies of Florence (Italy) and ISEN, also has a Master degree in Social Sciences (international orientation) of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO).
Dr. Héctor F. Arese has been international consultant of international organisms like the Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.).(1997-1999) He was member of the board of directors (Director) of Argentinean National Commission of Foreign trade, in which decided more than 35 cases of dumping (The National Foreign Trade Comision –NFTC– is an independent entity within the scope of the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Argentinian Ministry of Economy and Production. Its main operation is to conduct investigations and analysis of injury to domestic production as a result of imports under conditions of unfair competition. 2000-2004).
He has published several papers and books including "Trade and Marketing International"; "International Commerce" "Foreing Trade", with editions in Argentina and Colombia.
He was Director of the Degree in Foreign trade of the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) and Professor of International Commerce and Professor of Customs Law.(1994-2016). He was Director of Master in International Business and Foreing Trade at University of Quilmes (2013-2016) Nowadays, he is CEO at Arese and Associates.

Lidia Elena Marcos DI VICO (Ad hoc)

She is Economist and Public Accountant and Ph.d. in operative investigation
She worked as expert in Dispute Settlement processes in Regional Agreements and World Trade Organization, Market Access, Services, Trade Remedies and Competition Policy, intellectual property and Dispute Settlement (2006)
She was member of the board of directors (1994-1999) and President (1999-2005) of National Foreign Trade Commission of Argentina
She worked as Argentine Representative at the Technical Group of Implementation of the Anti-dumping Agreement - WTO
She was Adviser to the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade (Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services – Argentina) and Chief, Ad Hod Group for the analysis of Uruguay Round Agreements related to Anti-dumping, Countervailing Duties and Safeguard measures. Development of related regulations.
She was General Coordinator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) support program for the Undersecretary including aspects of quantitative analysis of foreign trade and definition of statistic parameters for the analysis of foreign trade.
She was advisor to the Minister on foreign trade and international competition policy issues
She was full professor of Statistics; Operative Investigation, Calculus. Associate Professor of Econometrics. Assistant Director of the Department of Statistics.
She was member of the Panel US - Japan, Anti-dumping measures in steel products, WTO.(2003)

José Luis Papaleo (information assistance)

He is a professional on Foreign Trade. He has worked for several companies in Argentine and South America, particularly into Brazilian market.
He is specialist in technical information for unfair trade practice investigations.

Experience on handling anti–dumping cases

Argentine legislation provides remedy tools to domestic producers against unfair trade practices. Argentina adhered to the Uruguay Round Agreements by Law 24425. Decree 1393/08 regulates antidumping and countervailing duty investigations. This regulation applies to investigations and reviews.
Law 24425, Decree 766/94, and Decree 1393/08 comprise the specific legislation related to antidumping and countervailing measures. Law 19549 and decree 1759/72 regulate administrative procedure in general and are applied supplementary whenever there is a legal vacuum in the specific legislation, provided that it does not disagrees with its principles.

Our buffet has experience hadling the following antidumping investigation:

Cases concluded

• Bearings (roller) (investigated origin China)

• Elusion of measure in Hoops of bearings (investigated origin China)

• Crosspieces (investigated origin China)

• Bicycles and parts (investigated origin China and Taiwan)

• Elusion of measure in Tubes (investigated origin China and Taiwan)

• Water pumps (investigated origin China)

• Tires for bicycles (investigated origin China, Indonesia and Malaysia)

• Tires for bicycles (investigated origin Brazil)

• Pigments for textile industry (investigated origin China)

• Papers (origin China, Corea)

• Others (25 cases)

Cases in progress

• Electronic equipment(team) for motorcycles (investigated origin China) 2016

• Bearings (investigated origin China, U.E. and India) 2016

• Shock Absorved (investigated origin China) 2016

• Electrician Transformer (investigated origin India)

• Others (nine cases in progress not yet opened)

Our team works in Argentina and other countrys (Brazil, Chile, U.S., Malasya)